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Karolina Balcer (born 1988, Poland)

Graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (2014). Currently a doctoral student at the same university. Her graduation thesis entitled Technical Block was recognized as the diploma of the year at the Department of Painting and won awards such as the Audience Award at the 4th Young Art Exhibition “Fresh Blood” (2014), the Award of the Marshal of the lower Silesian Voivodeship, and the Format Art magazine award during the 24th art review Promotions in Legnica (2014). Winner of the Fresh Zone contest at the ArtBoom festival in Krakow (2015). She participated in the Wro Media ART Biennale (2015), Bielska Autumn (2015), 14th edition of the modern art review Survival (2016), and in Artloop Festival in Sopot (2016). Karolina deals with painting, video, and installations in public spaces. Her actions include a high sensitivity to architecture as a tool for organizing social life. Since 2015, she has been co-running the Wykwit gallery where she also lives and works. From 2017, a member of the board of directors at Wykwitex.




– KulturKontakt Austria Artists-in-Residence Programm (AT)

– WARTO cultural award (Wykwit Gallery) Gazeta Wyborcza (PL)



– Nominations for the EMOCJE award, radio Wrocław (PL)

– Nomination (Wykwit Gallery) for the “O” Award. Polish Cultural Portal in the category of visual arts & photography,  (PL)

– Nomination (Wykwit Gallery) for the WARTO cultural award, Gazeta Wyborcza, (PL)



– Sale of the painting ‘Pastel residential estate’, National Museum, collection of Contemporary Art in Gdańsk, (PL)

– Winning Open Call project, Artloop Festival: Cumulation, State Art Gallery, Sopot, (PL)

-1st place in the competition for the concept of the exhibition, Nowa Gazownia, Poznań, (PL)



– Winning project in the Fresh Zone competition, ArtBoom Festival, Krakow, (PL)



– Award of the Speaker of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland Radosław Sikorski, 43 Salon Zimowy, Radom, (PL)

– Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland Ewa Kopacz, 43 Salon Zimowy, Radom, (PL)

– Award of the Marshal of Lower Silesia, Promotions 2014, Galeria Legnica, (PL)

– Format Magazine Award, Promotions 2014, Galeria Legnica, (PL)

-The best diploma of the cathedral of painting, The Eugeniusz Geppert Academy of Art and Design, Wrocław, BWA Awangarda Gallery, Wrocław, (PL)




– Transcultural Emancipation, Kunst im Fluc, Vienna (AT)

– 24 h, Krakauer Haus, Norymberga (DE)

– 16th edition of SURVIVAL Art Review “Capital”, The Wallenberg-Pachaly palace, (with Wykwitex) Wroclaw (PL)

– the 8th International Festival of Ephemeral Art CONTEXTS, 26-30 July 2018, Sokołowsko (PL)

– Supermarket – Stockholm independent art fair with Wykwit Gallery (SE)

– Festival LUHOvaný Vincent, Lázně Luhačovice (CZ)

– Art Now,  National Museum in Cracow (PL)


– 5th Biennale of Urban Art OUT OF STH, OCCUPATION, (with Wykwitex)  Awangarda Gallery BWA Wrocław (PL)

– 15TH edition of SURVIVAL Art Review , ,,Stratification ”, The Auditorium of the Faculty of Chemistry of Wrocław University , Wrocław (PL)

– WAR (with Wykwitex), Galeria Miejsce Sztuki44, Świnoujście (PL)

– Wykwitex (Warsaw Gallery Weekend), BWA Warszawa, Warsaw (PL)

– Open Treinnale, CRP , Orońsko, (PL)

– Black Spring: The Independent Music Scene of Wroclaw in the ‘80s, MWW (PL)



– Przesilenie, Platan Gallery, Budapest, 2016 (HUN)

– Przyplyw: Young Polish Contemporary Art, Mia Station Gallery, Wroclaw, (PL)

– New Warmth: Building with Economic System, Nowe Miasto lubawskie, (PL)

– Artloop Festival, Cumulation, Sopot, (PL)

– Survival: Workshop, lathe machines plant, Wroclaw, (PL)

– SUW H2O Księże Male, Wroclaw (PL)

– Debauch House, Wykwit Gallery, participation & organization, (PL)



– WYKWIT, ART Transparent foundation, Wykwit Gallery, 2015

– Shades of Gray, MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw 2015

– 42.Biennale Malarstwa Bielska Jesień, Galeria Bielska BWA, Bielsko-Biala, 2015

– System Error’, Art Museum, Galerii Casa Matei, Cluj Napoca, 2015

– WRO Résumé, WRO Art Center, 2015

– 7. Grolsch ArtBoom Festival, Village-City Transformation, Krakow, 2015

– Meisterstuck, WYKWIT Gallery opening, participation & organization, WYKWIT, 2015

– 16. Media Art Biennale WRO 2015 Test Exposure

– GG SUW during 16. Media Art Biennale WRO TEST EXSPOSURE, Wroclaw 2015

– District,  MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw 2015 – participation & organization


2010 – 2014

– Side Entrance with Maurycy Gomulicki, Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw, 2014

– Promotions 2014, Galeria legnica, 2014

– Diplomas of 2014 BWA Awangarda, Wroclaw, 2014

– Fresh Blood, Socato Gallery, Wroclaw, 2014

– First Spontaneous Open Air Workshops at Galeria Nad Wisla, Torun, 2013

– There and Now,  Studio BWA , Wroclaw, 2013

– Integration Exhibition at GnW’, Galeria nad Wisla , Torun, 2012

– Friday 13th, MD_S Gallery, video installation Mirror Wroclaw, 2012

– Zaraz: parasitized exhibition, Studio BWA, Wroclaw, 2011

– III Nationwide Drawing Exhibition. installation/performance‚ Bulwar 1/1, Torun, 2010



-SLABE FUNDAMENTY (WEAK FOUNDATIONS) (with Iwona Ogrodzka), Nowa Gazownia, Poznan, 2016

-PASTELOZA’, AGORA Gallery, Wroclaw, 2015


-BlOK TECHNICZNY (TECHNICAl BlOCK)’, MD_S Gallery, Wroclaw, 2014

-HOCKI KlOCKI, (with Karolina Ciężkowska) Galeria 011, Od Nowa. Torun, 2010