Model House

Model House

Model house nr 31 designed by Hans Scharoun – the building erected in 1929 as a part of the model estate during the residential exhibition WuWA.

In the past, it was a hotel house for childless marriages and lonely people, currently a hotel of the National Labour Inspectorate.

The place of the exhibition corresponds to the topic of the art pieces, which makes them some sort of a site-specific creation. They discuss the topic of the modernist architecture as forgotten, underestimated, with bad connotations. Giving up on acting and indifference often lead to the degradation of the environment and the destruction of its valuable elements.

The pieces created for the exhibition are not a documentation, but merely an impulse to the stories that could have happened within the walls and their esthetic remnant.

“The key mental task of a building is shelter and integration. They are the projections of our human measures and our feeling of order on the measureless and senseless natural space. Architecture doesn’t make us inhabit solely worlds of creations and fantasies, but serves to articulate our experience of being within the world and it strengthens our feeling of reality and subjectivity. ” *

* Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin. Architecture and the Senses.