Private Property

Gallery Studio BWA Wrocław (PL)

We are dealing with an exhibition undoubtedly socially involved – says curator Paweł Jarodzki. Although the exhibition of a graduate and currently a PhD student at the Wrocław Academy of Fine Arts is entitled „Private Property”, it does not describe the internal world of Karolina Balcer, but refers to the tools for building social life. Her artistic activity, at least from the time of her diploma, raises the problem of the relationship between what is private and what is common in space. The author’s activities in the already famous initiatives WYKWIT and Wykwitex place her on the light side of the force – the curator adds. She advocates cooperation, freedom and democracy, a normal world, without restrictions and utopian perfect. 

According to Karolina Balcer, the past conflict between nature and culture is replaced by a clash in public space, between what is private and what is shared. These often invisible and out of focus borders are the most interesting for the artist who, using spatial installations and paintings that balance on the boundary of objects, as well as photos and videos, raises issues related to taking over space and building divisions. At the same time, however, she underlines the power of joint action: One of the most important social competencies that determines the quality of relationships with other people is the ability to create relationships and cooperation. In order for something to happen at any place and time, people who are guided by similar goals and a similar system of values are needed. The group’s tool, which is guided by social well-being, is cooperation. While it is not an innovative phenomenon, it can now be considered as unique.

Curator: Paweł Jarodzki

Cooperation :Joanna Stembarska, Monika Muszyńska, Natalia Barczyńska

fot. Alicja Kielan

poster Marina Lewandowska