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WINDSCREENING, Artloop Festival, Sopot, 2016

Installation, a maze made of 300 meters of windscreens
05 Artloop Festival – Cumulation, Sopot 2016

Windscreens are an inseparable element of leisure on the Polish coast. The sooner the construction is set up, the closer we’ll be to the sea, which has an obviously positive impact on the quality of the time of the holiday recreation.

The word ‘parawaning’ (using a windscreen to reserve a portion of the beach for oneself) appeared in informal Polish relatively recently, but the civil attitude which is behind it has been known for much longer. The most expansive compatriots are able to fence an area comparable to a two-bedroom flat. The windscreen took a form of a fence, not a protection from wind or sun. The area of the reclaimed beach became an indicator of the social prestige, just like an apartment in a neighborhood surrounded by a fence.

The maze may be an obstacle, a shared windscreen for a group of people, but also become a seasonal monument of the civil attitude of a Pole on holiday.