Karolina Balcer & Iwona Ogrodzka
Carousel, 2020, installation in the park behind the museum:
carousel, PVC print, 40×60 cm, exhibition space: video
Work created as part of the exhibition “New Normativity. Wrocław ’70 Visual Arts Symposium” curated by Piotr Lisowski

The Why Quit collective is a nomadic platform of artistic expression and reflection on the surrounding reality that goes beyond the realm of art itself. The artists’ Carousel is an interactive, literal metaphor for our engagement in the mechanisms of history, memory, doctrines and the obligations of art. Considerations about the past and the future usually start with a cause-and–effect analysis. The ability to observe and analyse data makes it possible to predict the future, and each event results in another. We want to believe in our agency. But what if putting on life jackets and fastening seat belts doesn’t help? It is impossible to avoid another crisis and the only thing left to do is accept the fact that we are in a vicious circle. Perhaps we have missed another new beginning.

Piotr Lisowski