Happy Family Project

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For over 8 years I have been dealing with the subject of architecture, classifying it as a tool for building social and family life, but also as a place of shelter.
Happy Family Project refers to my family situation, and the driving force was the exceptional situation in which my brother found himself, who was a homeless person at times that we did not understand at the time. Such an extreme situation forces us to reflect on the underlying problem. There are usually serious health problems behind chronic homelessness, including mental disorders.
Our family, as well as many others, faced difficulties such as mental illness, addictions or social exclusion. It turns out that mental health is one of the strongest
taboo topics, resulting in a high level of social stigma. It is also interesting to observe positive changes in situations such as the attitude of my mother – who started studies at a mature age, became involved in a support group for the families of addicts,
which from the institutional ones became friendly and allowed her, despite the progressive degradation of her son, to lead, as she herself puts it, „quite a happy life”. Happy Family Project becomes an analysis and a search for answers to specific family stories – from upbringing, through personality predispositions and the influence of the environment,
after addiction and mental illness. An important element of the entire project is also visiting aid institutions that my family used or still uses.