The Place Which Could Become

Karolina Balcer & Iwona Ogrodzka, video installation, 2,5m x 2,5 m x 2m, video: 6 min 4 sec, HD, 2018 

The place which could become was produced with support from the KulturKontakt Austria and the Federal Chancellery of Austria.

The main inspiration of the piece are the public housing projects of the Red Vienna (Rotes Wien) period when, between 1918 and 1934, in the aftermath of World War I, the demand for affordable housing skyrocketed and public housing projects became one of the main concerns of the Viennese Social Democratic city government. Balcer and Ogrodzka tackle the socialist idea of using public housing to create a utopian place. Even though the awareness of the vital role of the public housing in Vienna managed to survive until today, the entire idea is very much endangered on the account of the growing gentrification and other interests backed by big capital. – Eva Kovač, associate of BLOCKFREI on the project Curators’ Agenda curatorial program for KulturKontakt Austria.