artist-run-space, 2015 -2020
Karolina Balcer, Michał Kamiński, Adam Martyniak, Michał Mejnartowicz, Krzysztof Rubach, Anna Wlizło, Karolina Włodek

autor Marek Rybicki

WYKWIT was a place of artistic and exhibition activities. Created from the potential of the basement of a former German villa in Wrocław (PL) where we lived. Its creators are the inhabitants of the house. The villa at al. Jana Kochanowskiego, dating from around 1900, was erected in the Wilhelmsruh district. Wrocław was then the German Breslau. The building is currently in a deplorable condition. Outside, crumbling but original finishes, inside the brutal interference of countless tenants. The whole is surrounded by a large garden. WYWIT was the opposite of a white cube gallery. The pro- jects presented in WYKWIT was take into account the po- tential of our place, its specificity and / or contexts.

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